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Seligman was founded in 1886 at the junction of the railroad from Prescott to the Santa Fe’s main line. It was known as Prescott Junction until it was renamed after Jesse Seligman, a prominent New York banker responsible for financing railroad construction and companies. The railroad played a big part of Seligman’s community for the next hundred years by establishing repair facilities and the famous Harvey House.

Today Seligman is a community that prides itself on staying true to the past and keeping alive the lure of Historic Route 66. In fact, it was in Seligman that the move to preserve Route 66 began. Eventually those actions helped to garner the designation of Route 66 as a historic highway. Seligman, unlike many towns that slowly faded away when Route 66 was replaced by other interstates, continues to thrive. Seligman now marks the beginning of Historic Route 66 in Arizona. Another interesting fact, Arizona can boast of having the longest stretch of Route 66 still in existence.

Visitors to Seligman will find a main-street community with an eclectic charm. Part of the allure of Historic Route 66 is its unique landscape of non-chain motels, restaurants and stores. Seligman is located approximately 75 miles from the cities of Flagstaff, Kingman, Prescott; 170 miles from Phoenix and 270 miles from Tucson. We support our Seligman Chamber of Commerce.

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